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Delivery's Available

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Delivery's Available

Delivery's locally available, share a munchy box or warm up with a Thai green curry - Tasty ! 

To order Call : 01765 278080

We cannot take orders via facebook / chat or "lets chat"

Munch Box Poster.jpg

Take away food 

​Return n Refund Policy For your satisfaction, we ensure that you always get food according to your requirements. Our return n refund policy enhance the trust of our customers in our determination.

Free offers 

When you spend over certain amounts in the takeaway you are welcome to claim a free spring rolls, drinks or chicken balls,

this offer does not apply to meal deals and is limited to one offer per total order, you as the customer must inform the person taking the order if you would or would not like the free items on offer and to inform a member of staff of any food allergies. We will not simply put these offer items into the order without confirmation from the customer ordering 

Incorrect order

Our management team ensures that you get the right food. However, if you get the incorrect order, then, you can simply contact us n let us know. We can make suitable changes in the transactions and provide the right food.


If you do not contact us informing us of the error and choose not to follow the steps below, or choose 

to eat the incorrect dish no exchange or refund will apply - enjoy the alternative dish, tell your

friends and order next time !


A)  We will replace the incorrect dish n replace this with the correct one for free if the incorrect dish is collected by our driver or returned to Taste.

B)  We may offer you a credit for the incorrect dish on your next order, customer keeps the incorrect dish for free.



Returns refund

Though we always cook our food with the freshest ingredients, we feel that it is our responsibility to provide assurance regarding the bad food. If you feel that the food is in bad quality, call us n let us know. Due to the nature of the business returns will ONLY be accepted if a customer can prove products were unfit for consumption, in the unlikely event of customers requiring any kind of refund we require that you return to us at least 70% of the dish that has been incorrectly provided.


Contact us to ask your queries! There are various terms and conditions that we include to ensure the perfection n professionalism in our services. So, if you feel the need to know more about our refund and return policies, feel free to give us a call.

Our management team is always there to answer all your questions and help you out with the ordering. We want to make sure that you receive best quality food and enjoy at your own place. And you can help us in doing that.

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